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Career and Interview Preparation Coaching in Hawaii

Mary Despe Career Coach

Face To Face & Remote One On One Bespoke Coaching Programs.

Here is my simple list of services and their quick descriptions.  If you’re wanting to learn more, I suggest you shoot me an email or set up a time to chat so we can discuss this further.


Critiques, Audits of your LinkedIn, Resume, Interview Responses. Includes a 45-minute consultation call. Starting at $99 + tax


Rewrite of LinkedIn profile or Resume components. Includes two 45-min meetings, draft, and final resume.
Redo & rewrite projects of the above-stated components. Starting at $250 + tax.

Real 1:1

Personalized coaching - 1:1.
By application only. 3 month commitment required.
$400/mo + tax or $1000 one-time payment + tax.
To apply, please email and in the subject write: “Coaching Services”.
We will contact you with a brief application for you to complete.


Live instruction (online or in person!). Workshops for groups (minimum 6 people) and companies. Usually around 1.5 to 2 hours.

Topics have included Personal Branding for Working Professionals, Making the Jump from Individual Contributor to Manager, The Art of Interviewing, and many more. Pricing provided upon request.

Advance Your Career
with a complimentary resume review.

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