How To Answer Questions About Salary in a Job Interview – Part 2

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Are you being smart when you don’t answer what you’re looking for in terms of pay for a new job? Will they weed you out of the job interview process if you say a dollar amount that’s too high?

Here’s PART 2 of “How To Answer Questions About Salary In a Job Interview” In this video for job seekers, here are tips to know when talking about salary in a job Interview 3 TIPS Job Seekers Should Know About Salary Conversations

1. Should you give a number?

2. Why deflecting the question about pay expectations is always the best approach

3. What kind of mindset to have when Interviewing with companies you’re Interésted In

Links In this video:

About Pay laws In states- ✅Society of Hunan Resources Management –

⭐️Salary Research about Pay Ranges In Industries –


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