How To Answer Questions About Salary in a Job Interview – Part1

Answer questions about salary

If salary is one of the first things that come up during your next interview (and it probably should be!), then this video will help give some insight into why they ask questions like “What do I need my base compensation package at?” or “In order for me to consider moving somewhere else, what must plus X amount per year.”

How To Answer Questions About Salary in a Job Interview – Part 2

The dread of being asked about your salary requirements in job interviews is real. But what if there was a right answer to this question? Would you fail at getting paid what’s fair by sharing just one number or staying quiet and hopeful that they’ll come up with an offer on their own before long anyway, without knowing how much other companies are offering for similar positions–or even worse: letting them sway negotiations too far

Fired or laid off?

Mary Despe gives advise when fired or laid off

Are you worried about what to say in an interview if you’ve been fired or laid off? Don’t be!

When You Should Apply To A Job

Job seekers often wonder what the best time is to apply for a new job. The answer, however, isn’t as straightforward and controversial according some old beliefs about career advancement – read more here!