By function, we are very similar to staffing agencies, as we connect companies with candidates. Sometimes people call us by other names, such as the Headhunter, Third-Party or Outside Recruiter. However, while there are plenty of other recruitment suppliers, we pride ourselves in introducing you to the talent pools you desire in a swift and smart manner.

Why we’re different

Anyone can plug in a Boolean search string, look up candidates by keywords, and post job advertisements.  We believe we offer an approach to active recruitment by being efficient and effective with our efforts, much more than your average recruiter’s. While we possess over 12 years of recruiting experience, our team yields over seven years of professional work perspectives as well. We have held roles as business analysts, customer service managers, project coordinators and managers in the health care, finance and accounting, internet/technology, consulting and retail.  We are a woman-owned proprietorship with a great entrepreneurial spirit, and relate to the needs of many of our clients. We value effective and competent expertise, collaborative partnerships, and the impact that hiring has on success of an enterprise, as well. 

Service Models

Agile Project-Based Approach

  1. We provide in-depth recruitment service based on a project-management approach.

We interview you to learn more about your specific hiring need, providing you an estimate on the number of hours to achieve your goal. Fees are based on an hourly billable rate.

Recommended for companies with a specific need with active headhunting services for a key position, and who are anticipate 1-2 hires in a calendar year.  This is also a good option for the ‘Mom and Pop’ small business that do not have dedicated recruiting resources as part of staff.

 Flex 4, 6, or 12-month dedicated recruitment support service terms

We offer dedicated support to companies looking for consistent recruiting resources over their critical hiring periods. Similar to retained recruitment services, this model gives companies the flexibility to recruit talent for key positions over a four, six or 12 month period at a very attractive rate. Recommended for companies forecasting staffing needs of three or more over the course of a calendar year, and who might not have dedicated recruiting staff to provide active headhunting service but who need between up to 25 hours a month of support. 

  • Temporary/Contractor Services

We provide skilled resources to your organization on a short or long-term contract basis. With a network of screened resources in the fields of administrative, project management, business, marketing, and technical IT support, we are able to help you fulfill your temporary talent gaps.

To learn more about these service offerings, please contact us.