We offer services for both companies looking to hire top talent as well as the Job Seeker looking for that next great opportunity.

For Companies, please visit the For Employers section of this website for more information. We offer an effective, cost-aware approach to identifying, screening, and evaluating talent for your organization's key roles.

For Job Seekers, we offer the following services to help you navigate through the complicated career and job search process. With a recruiting team possessing over 18 years of professional work experience, Career Maestra, the coaching division of MK Despe Consulting, provides the ongoing support to create your best professional persona. We offer the unique perspective of being companies' hiring partners to you, sharing the insight into what behaviors, experiences, and information support the profile of great candidates.

Our products & services include:

  • The 9-To-5 Makeover, a six-module digital online course for job seekers. 

  • DISC Behavioral personality assessment and results analysis session.

  • Individualized Career Strategy Coaching sessions.

Please visit our online shop for more information and to sign up for a class or service that's right for you.