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I know the pain of having large gaps in employment.  And, even, the feeling of applying to job after job online without hearing back from any company to whom you've submitted applications. 

I know how it feels to drag yourself out of bed every morning wishing you were working again on a job that is fulfilling and satisfying. I understand the extreme disappointment you feel when you want a steady paycheck again so you can make enough money to take care of your family, but get no response to your present efforts. I remember seeing people being tired of feeling trapped in a situation and unable to get a job because of not working for a while.  

I know the feeling of what it's like to have all the desire to get back into the game only to find yourself wondering about the best way to begin. 

It can be a lonely journey, and random articles about how to land a job might cater to the needs of job seekers not like you - entry-level workers or those right out of school, to those who've never had a break in employment history. 

Trust me, I know your pains and frustrations, and have worked with hundreds of job seekers to improve their situation.  

That is why I launched Career Maestra, a new division within MK Despe Consulting, to cater to job seekers looking to take their career-finding strategies to a higher level. 

We aim to inspire and motivate people who have taken time off from the workplace to find their dream careers and reach their potential.

We've created The 9-To-5 Makeover, a tool kit of resources, advice, and services that will help you create an effective strategy to help get you back to your best professional persona. 

Support for The Job Seeker
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We are here to help job seekers develop their winning strategy for the job search. We offer the following services:

  • The 9-To-5 Makeover, a digital online course.  Self-paced course that provides a comprehensive approach to the job seeker's core tools & activities. Includes access to secure website for course material, along with closed-group Facebook Live sessions on hot topics, and three hours of one-on-one individual coaching (in person or through secure Video). Great for those looking to develop a long-term job search strategy but within their own pace of study.

  • The 9-To-5 Lite: Specialized coaching around resumes & branding, as well as  interviewing skills The Lite version takes content from the digital course and parses it down to focus on two popular topics in the job search - improving one's resume & branding concerns, as well as practicing interview skills. 

  • DISC Career Assessment & AnalysisAre you an Influencer? Director? Task-Master? Persuader? We offer a comprehensive DISC personality assessment and in-depth analysis, providing the context and understanding of your professional work style, strengths, and areas for improvement. 
  • Individualized Coaching Sessions: A la carte coaching services around your specific job search topic. Involves one-on-one meeting time with a professional recruiter to address your unique concerns. 


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