Mary Despe | Career + Interview Coach | Recruitment Consultant | Career Advancement Strategist

Helping job-seekers and professionals who feel 'unseen' develop a strategy to attract the roles they desire.

Interview and Career Coach

I’m Mary Despe, and I am an experienced career advancement strategist and Interview Coach. I help both job-seekers and mid-to-senior level professionals who feel unrecognized and undervalued in their role to develop a tailored strategy to attract and succeed in landing their desired position.

Furthermore, I’m qualified in DISC Personality Assessments, which enables me to delve deep into my clients’ true authentic selves and provide insights so that they can plan their careers more successfully.

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Why Work With Mary

Connecting Amazing Talent With Outstanding Start-Ups And Organizations In North America.

Better approaches to hiring to align people in productive, and successful partnerships.

Mary contributes to websites such as Career Addict, Fairygodboss, Medium and LinkedIn, and more.

Customers reviews

"I worked with Mary in several Talent Acquisitions facets while she supported McKesson and she would be a valuable resource to any organizationl. Her ability to consult with hiring managers and find the difficult candidate skill set is uncomparable. She is an amazing HR professional and is a valuable resource for any organization."
"I worked with Mary when she was a Contract Recruiter with Hyrian. I heard many great things about her work and I was able to witness it first hand. Mary's dedication, diligence, professionalism and attention to detail made her very successful. She's a joy to work with!"
L. S.
"I worked with Mary on the 2012 Social Media "Boot Camp" workshop co-sponsored by SmartSearch and the Social Media Club-Hawaii Chapter. Mary participated as a speaker on our expert panel, bringing hands-on, insightful and real-world perspective to the topic of social media tools for recruiting. A real team layer, she also worked as a volunteer to help facilitate and coordinate the event. I am grateful for her contributions to the success of the workshop. I was impressed with her professionalism, engaging personality, and smarts. She's someone I can count on and I can highly recommend."
S. D.
“I worked with Mary a few years ago when I was making the change in careers. I grew unfulfilled in the work I was doing, and wanted to switch my career from the legal field to something in tech but didn’t know where to start. Mary worked with me to come up with a strategy to the make the move. I knew that I had something to offer, since I had close to 10 years of managerial and customer service experience, but didn’t know how to ‘sell’ my background and expertise to the roles that made the best sense for me. I highly recommend working with Mary - she helped me with the tools to land a job in tech as a Customer Operations role that I really love."

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