We welcome job seekers with a demonstrated track record of success in any of the following areas for all locations within the US:

  • Technical (Systems Administration, DBA, Support, Systems Engineers, etc)
  • Healthcare IT (Business Analysts, Technical Analysts, Clinical Workflow Specialists, Implementation Consultants)
  • Professional Services (Business Analysts, Implementation Consultants, Project Managers)
  • Technical and Professional Services Sales (Account Executives, Business Development, Management)
  • Administrative, Marketing, Real Estate Sales & Operations, Finance & Accounting Professionals (Assistants, Coordinators, Account Executives, Assistant Managers, Analysts, Staff Accountants, Bookkeepers)

Services include resume` review and critique, interview preparation and assistance for direct-hire employment and contract-based work. 

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If you are a job seeker looking for coaching services around how to execute your job search, please check out our section Our Services & Products to suit your unique needs.