“You are the designer of your destiny; you are the author of your story.” – Lisa Nichols

Mary’s Story

Mary Despe is a renowned business development coach and talent purveyor. She is an expert in challenging people to excel in their work environment, finding their skills and leading them to the right company. Mary’s specialties include technical/IT, software/web development, healthcare IT, ERP implementation and development, sales, professional services, project management, business analysis, and management. She holds a Master’s in Business Administration from Hult International Business School and a Graduate Certificate in Management from Harvard University.  She’s also certified in the administration and result interpretation of the DISC behavioral personality assessment from her extensive work with PeopleKeys and The Institute For Motivational Living.

Originally from the southwest Chicago suburbs, Mary’s first job out of school was working full-time as an HR representative in a call-center for a Fortune-50 company. During the next five years, she experimented in other occupations, but she soon discovered that her favorite part about each job was interviewing people. She quit her job, took the chance to be a recruiter and have never looked back. For the next 15 years, she’s worked as a corporate recruiter and a search professional as a third-party representative, working with start-ups, small and mid-size companies, enterprise and Fortune-listed companies throughout the world. She’s connected awesome companies with equally amazing engineers, sales professionals, solutions consultants and more. Her international expertise spans from US, Western and Eastern Europe and Australia.

In 1998, Mary made the life-defining decision to leave the Chicago area and take a job in Boston. This was the first time for Mary to leave her close-knit family and move to a new place on her own. In her heart, even as a young kid, she knew her life would be out there in the world somewhere, and not Chicago, and she knew that if she didn’t take the chance to grow and leave, she would be stuck doing the same thing for the rest of her life. This major life change helped her learn that you, the individual, create what your world should be – no matter the circumstances.

Mary’s a self-proclaimed nerd about fixing things – she loves fixing up automobiles, thanks to her dad’s influence. When she’s not taking apart car engines, she does bikram yoga almost every week and enjoys playing golf. She’s also heavily involved in community groups, such as the Executive Women’s Golf Association Hawaii Chapter (marketing director since 2017) and BNI Downtown Business Alliance (chapter president since 2017). She loves being part of her community and believes it’s important to be a part of the world around you, and not just as a spectator.